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Animal Bedding

Bedding of All Types from US Companies and Local Markets

Straatmann Feed
strives to provide our customers with a variety of animal bedding options.  From pine shavings to paper shavings, straw or pelleted bedding, we work hard to offer our customers the products they need and want. 

  • Country Boy Pine Shavings are 7 cubic feet pine shavings.  The bales are an economical choice, for a fresh pine product.

  • Guardian Swift Pick Horse Bedding
    starts with the highest quality kiln dried shaving materials that are closely monitored for quality and consistency.  Swift Pick mini flake pine shavings are precision screened to remove dust and large flakes, for easy picking.  They are also kiln dried for extra absorbency.  The mini flake is easy to pick and will reduce your consumption and disposal much like the pellet, but it is Ready to Bed!  Look into more about this product at www.guardianhorsebedding.com.

  • Flickerwood S and S Pine Shavings are bales of  
    ponderosa pine bedding.  These shavings offer
    customers a more economical choice when looking
    for a larger quantity of bedding.  These come in
    10 cubic feet bales, while most commercials bales
    are available in 7 cubic feet bales, at a competitive

  • Eagle Valley ABM Pelleted Bedding is manufactured of 100% whitewood with approximately 4% moisture content. This makes Eagle Valley more absorbent than traditional bedding materials.  Compared to regular wood shavings, Eagle Valley will absorb more moisture, greatly suppresses ammonia, and provide a cleaner, safer and more pleasant living environment for your animals. Learn more about this product at www.eaglevalleyabm.com

  • Cedar Shavings are a bale of bedding suitable for indoor or outdoor animals.  Cedar naturally repels fleas and ticks so it`s particularly useful in outdoor pet areas. 

  • Our Straw is grown by local farmers, and harvested from local wheat crops.  Straw can help to keep your horses, livestock, and pets clean, warm, and dry. 

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